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Saturday, September 26, 2009
~FOr SomEonE ThaT i CaLL "FrIeNd TiLL dEath"~

Dear all teslians... here.. i would like to introduce one of my friend that is very closed to me.. he is a kind of friend that is always be there for you no matter how do you look and in what condition you are at that time... his name is MOHD HANIF IMRAN.. i know him during my matriculation at Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang... but all of us ( peer group members) used to called him as ANGAH...

Angah is a kind-hearted guy... no matter how mad you are at that time.. when you look or talk to him.. every single words that come out from his mouth will makes you feel calm... when you are having problems... he would always be there to comfort you.. and to give you all the morals support.. he will try his best to find the solution for your problems...

when you are feeling sad... he would never leave you alone.. he will try his best in order to make you happy.. eventhough he does not show that he concern about you.. but.. through all his action.. you just know.. that he loves everybody around him so much..

i have never met anybody like him before.. even my bestfriends now did not even have a single minute of his life in order to check out on my condition ..

but today... on 26 SEPTEMBER 2009 at 3.oo pm... GOD had already taken him away... angah had involved in a car crash at GUA MUSANG . the car that he drove had involve in an accidents and his car had fall into a ravine... this car crash had taken angah and his aunt's life...

So... dear all friends.. let us recite Al-fatihah for him and pray to GOD so that GOD would place his soul among those who HE loves... Amin...

P/s: i wrote this post so that we.. as a human being who is still been grace by the pleasure of life by GOD would take all the good things and practice them in our life..

WroTe By~ E'EIN

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